Backpacking Olympic National Park's High Divide Loop in 360 Virtual Reality Video

Superswell VR co-founder Wasim Muklashy and a couple of his buddies recently backpacked Olympic National Park's High Divide Trail, an 18-mile loop that takes you through old-growth forests, sub-alpine meadows and valleys filled with alpine lake after lake and rivers and streams, rocky ridge-lines affording you a peek at Mount Olympus, and so much more.

Well, to save you a few mosquito bites and blisters (albeit they were WELLLLLLLLLLL worth it), they recorded it in 360 virtual reality video. So strap on a headset, plop back into your favorite swivel chair, outside?

For a full write-up and a ton of pictures, including some 360 images, head over to his site and blog, learn from their mistakes, and start planning!

Spring and Summer's are a comin'...