Telling The Forests' Stories In VR - Bringing Science Out Of The Labs And Into The Living Room


Science, nature, and a sustainable future are all topics that we hold near and dear to us at Superswell VR, so we could not have been more excited when the North American Forest Partnership invited us to their latest conference in Portland, Oregon to show their members what's possible in virtual reality.

In staying true to their mission of sustainability, the first day found us at the offices of Ankrom Moisan Architects, an architecture firm dedicated to sustainable and communal design, and on the second day, we made our way to the Left Bank Annex, a Portland event space that prides itself on its sustainable design and practices.

We have a once in a generation opportunity to bring science out of the labs and into the living rooms, helping connect our youth to the outdoors, nature, travel, science, and why and how it's all connected to us, and this opportunity to show various members from all corners of the forestry sector was just another step in that direction. Furthermore, it was extremely encouraging for them to reach out to us with this, for this solidifies that VR tech is rightfully being looked at more and more to tell the world's stories, and we're excited at a future of using the medium to help tell nature's stories, helping stoke people's curiosity in the process.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Walk In The Woods and Oregon Forest Resource Institute's Executive Director Paul Barnum for making it possible, and the wonderful staff for making everything run so smoothly.

Last, and certainly not least...not by a longshot...we'd couldn't have done it with you Samsung. Thanks so much for the help and support.

We look forward to bringing you the forests' stories in VR.