Miles Partnership & Superswell VR Do Oklahoma's Chickasaw Nation, the Kentucky State Parks & Visit Wichita in 360˚


Superswell VR couldn't be prouder to be working with Miles Partnership, "a strategic marketing company focused exclusively on travel and tourism."

Though it may have seemed quiet from the Superswell camp, it’s been anything but. Over the past few months, Miles Partnership contracted Superswell to help them on various projects across the nation.

It's quite exciting to see DMOs and the travel industry begin to take notice of, embrace, and employ new 360 mediums.

Needless to say, the future of travel is looking Super Swell! (See what we did there…)

We cannot overstate how humbled and eternally grateful we are to Miles Partnership for having us help them on these projects.

For some more words and a gallery of some stills from the journeys so far, click here to check out a post from Superswell VR founder Wasim Muklashy. And the 360s are coming soon to a Google Street View near you…