Drifting the Day Away With Under-the-Radar Adventures LA

Drifting basics: be sure to scream a lot. Image courtesy of  Wasim Muklashly .

Drifting basics: be sure to scream a lot. Image courtesy of Wasim Muklashly.

By Skye Mayring

At superswell VR, we're always trying out new things. In an effort to keep it fresh, we're debuting a new 360-degree video series called Under-the-Radar Adventures hosted by Breanna Wilson and me (aka Joan Jetsetter). The series susses out the lesser-known, knock-your-socks-off experiences in cities across the globe in immersive, 360 degrees. Viewers feel like they are along for the ride—in the middle of all the action—while discovering completely new attractions in their hometowns. The end goal is to inspire YOU to get off the couch, explore your own city and spread positivity and good vibes.

Our first season focuses on off-the-beaten-track experiences in the greater Los Angeles area. In episode one, we strap on our seatbelts, tighten our helmets and get behind the wheel at Drift 101. Drifting pros Naoki Kobayashi and David Kim think they can teach us how to drift in less than 20 minutes. Lunacy? We think so.

Note: This is an immersive 360 experience. For better results, view in a Google Cardboard using the YouTube app on your mobile device, or in the Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer desktop browser. For the best experience, please visit us on Samsung VR in your Gear VR headset.