The Santa Monica Mountains have proven to be a very special place. Not only is it the largest urban national park in the country, with over 500 miles of trails, but it abounds with historical and cultural sites, from old movie ranches to Native American Centers. In addition to Malibu Creek State Park and Topanga State Park, the range is also home to the BackBone Trail, which extends for almost 70 miles, connecting the Santa Monica Mountains from east to west, as well as historical locations like Paramount Ranch and various Chumash sacred sites. 

The range is so unique, to manage it, the National Park Service has teamed up with multiple organizations including the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and the California State Parks system, and all of this lies less than 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

This 360˚ virtual reality video experience is one of Superswell® VR's co-founders homage to the mountain range he was blessed to call home for almost a decade. To follow him, find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Google+

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