About Our Process

Superswell® VR is a virtual reality production company specializing in immersive storytelling and experiences.

Superswell® VR uses the latest in virtual reality technology to produce the highest quality VR content available on the market today.

Superswell® VR utilizes a combination of technologies to capture their unique virtual reality experiences. Each project and client calls for a different approach, and our teams have the solution for each unique situation.

For higher end projects, such as our recent #TahitiVR project for Tahiti Tourisme, Superswell® VR uses systems such as the innovative Project Beyond virtual reality camera solution, the world's first true 3-D omniview camera, a unique technology developed by the brilliant minds at the Think Tank Team.

For our influencer series, Superswell® VR uses a combination of the higher end solutions as described above, and more mobile solutions such as the Samsung Gear 360, a dual-lens UHD camera uniquely designed for travelers and those on the go.

Superswell® VR - See Everything! Know Everything.

We Bring The World To You.


Our Production Partners

Oftentimes, our 360 productions call for specialized elements and aspects, so we're fortunate to partner with Hear360 for any immersive spatial audio needs and Radiant Images for additional support in higher-end and live-streaming productions.