About Our Process

Superswell® VR is a virtual reality production company specializing in immersive storytelling and experiences.

Superswell® VR uses the latest in virtual reality technology to produce the highest quality VR content available on the market today.

Superswell® VR utilizes a combination of technologies to capture their unique virtual reality experiences. Each project and client calls for a different approach, and our teams have the solution for each unique situation.

For higher end projects, such as our recent #TahitiVR project for Tahiti Tourisme, Superswell® VR uses systems such as the innovative Project Beyond virtual reality camera solution, the world's first true 3-D omniview camera, a unique technology developed by the brilliant minds at the Think Tank Team.

For our influencer series, Superswell® VR uses a combination of the higher end solutions as described above, and more mobile solutions such as the Samsung Gear 360, a dual-lens UHD camera uniquely designed for travelers and those on the go.

Superswell® VR - See Everything! Know Everything.

We Bring The World To You.